Sunday, September 03, 2006

"The Life of Riley"

Some of us have it...

(Does anyone else remember William Bendix's show of that name?)

Then there are the rest of us who work for a living!

Between the work hours and the gym hours it's been a busy week; thank goodness I got a 3 day weekend, although Dottie gets to work all 3 of them. I have enough things on my plate to keep me occupied, however, with pleny to spare!

Since I didn't mow for 3 weeks through the worst of the drought, then when I was going to two weekends ago, other things intervened, we just had to go and get about 4 inches of rain last weekend, so when I started my lawn work this afternoon, it was as tall as the mower. I got the front done, having to double cut it to make it look even, and trimmed most of it; the back I'll finish today. I also have to put the passenger-side wiper arm in my Chrysler back together, as it disconnected itself last week at the height of one of the storms. Of course, it's not somewhere easy to get to...

If I get those done tomorrow, then Monday I may try and go walking or ride my bike for a while, and maybe slip off to the the "art house" for a movie before Dottie gets off work.

I also have to box my Nikon up to return to them, as after two and half years, I pulled it out of the bag last weekend at my sister's birthday and the display was black. I changed batteries and CF cards, then gave up and finished fixing dinner.

I had lent it to Noel for "first day back to school pictures" so I thought somehow something must have happened to it when it was out of my hands; checking the extended warranty I found it had expired last February.

Finally, early in the week I went to Nikon's website, hoping to find out they made something that would still use the lenses I bought to go with it; instead I found a notice saying they had found out there was an electronic component that would cause this, or color aberrations (had a few of those a while back, but assumed it was a low battery causing them, as it was almost time to change it when they occurred). They also stated that they would happily repair any affected cameras for free!

Hooray for Nikon!

One of the highlights of my week was hearing "Click and Clack", the "Car Talk" brothers on NPR say that Honda was having to recall several million Hondas and Acuras, but not for a mechanical defect! It seems one of the 1-800 numbers they printed in the owner's manuals for help charges $2.99 a minute because it's "Erotic Encounters" phone number, they were off by one digit...

Better them than us! :o)

Which brings us to my first Photo Sunday in a while. Above is "Frankie" sleeping in my wife's chair, originally my Dad's 1950 Bishop platform rocker. It was the first piece of furniture Mom and Dad bought; he recovered it twice, and it's in need of it again, along with some spring work this time...guess I'm going to have to figure out how to do that before long, 'cuz the one bid I had is more than my house payment!

Frankie has grown a bit since we got him, and is full enough of himself to warrant the moniker "Frankestein" at times, but we love him dearly!

Some of you will remember Angel from a previous post; her hair is about half grown back now after her spring clipping, and another thing I need to do this weekend is brush and bathe her again, then put "the medicine" on her neck, as the chiggers are eating she and I both alive, but Dottie won't let me spray outside because Frankie eats all the bugs that get into the house...anyway, I have a few of Angel I'll put up soon...

All of these, by the way are from my camera/phone; the following are the Saturday night repast while I was fixing it.

A pound of mushrooms...

Something new for us, "Pierogies" (Costco frozen, in Newman's "Pesto")...

And a couple of "Sam's Club" sirloins..

Tonight I'm going to try cubing up a cheap patio steak and making a stir fry with recipe, just a shot in the dark...beef and veggies...

Hope you are all having great weekends and for those who get Monday off, that you have a wonderful "Labor Day"!



Von Krankipantzen said...

I think you should cuddle up with Frankie for the rest of the weekend. You sound so busy. But the food looks good. I am hungry now.

Clandestine said...

it sounds like you'll have a busy, but fun, weekend! :)

Hawaiianmark said...

Geez, I thought I was busy.

Dont ya just love gas cook top?


Yardwork, we musta been on da same page today, got off from the firecom, and right to the mower. Now at the pinkgarage.

Happy labor days to you, too!


cherish said...

Awww you kitty is a cutie pie!!!

I heard you should put clear nail polish on your skin to kill chiggers.

The mushrooms and steak look YUMMY!

Have a GREAT labor day!!!!

alan said...

Stacy, there are times I wish he didn't like to cuddle quite so much! :o)

Clandy, I never get everything done, but usually find some time for fun in there!

Mark, you work harder and longer than anyone I know; "Labor Day" should be a holiday for you if for anyone!

Cherish, nail polish works well to smother them (they actually burrow into your skin to lay their eggs) or you can buy some stuff called "Chigarid" that is nail polish with some medication in it as well. Best of all is to spray your yard and about 3 feet up on your house, but our little black monster already has some things going against him (leukemia) so adding to them is something we're trying to avoid...

I did find a stir fry recipe that was close to what I was attempting, so went with it, bought some soy-ginger sauce at the store yesterday and added some more of the mushrooms I had from the other day; it came out really well!

Thank you all for your kind words!


puhpaul said...

I love black cats, they have such a sleek and shiny look to them.
I had the same problem with my lawn this weekend too. Unfortunately we have these nasty little biting flies that love the long wet grass, so I've spent the last little while trying not to scratch.
Those steaks and mushrooms made me too hungry. I can't wait 'til payday so I can have the same.


Heidi said...

Just dropping in to say hi..Hope your enjoying the long labor day weekend. Have a great week Alan.

sjobs said...

Alan, I just received your ecard today. Thank you!! You are so kind and sweet. Why can't all men be like you.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend.


dragonflyfilly said...

well, that black cat sure has a lovely shiny coat, she looks like a real sweetie...

and your oven! - wow, i wish i could get mine that clean!