Thursday, September 14, 2006

"A Wing and a Prayer"...

It's been an interesting few days...

My old Chrysler had been making some funny noises, but I had just chalked them up to age. Now that I know what's really going on, every extra squeak and squark causes my heart to leap into my throat, my stomach to clench, my heart to skip a few beats and my mind to wait for "her" to drop down on the right rear and spin to the left (what will happen when that axle comes loose). I keep trying to make sure I'm not next to anyone as much as I can, and have only dared to drive it directly to and from work, not even a few blocks extra to the grocery store or post office, saving the miles she has left for what counts most.

I came over a little rise as I crossed an intersection on the way home the night before last, and "she" made an awful "squark" where she had never made a sound before. For a minute I thought "this is it!". Then she settled back down and kept rolling. That's a 35 mile an hour street, I was doing 30 that night; last night I did 20 as I came over that same spot...

I called the salesman we bought our Malibu from (Allan Hammer at Superior Chevrolet if a local happens to read this, a very good, kind and helpful guy) yesterday and am meeting him at 11 AM tomorrow to try and work out numbers on a new Silverado. Just a "plain Jane", a "work truck"; full-size, 8' bed, V-6, automatic because Dottie doesn't want a stick with her joint replacements, no power locks or windows, vinyl floor, no cruise. The only one they list on their computer inventory that's like that is black, and though I really don't want black, I'll live with it if the numbers are right. I've drawn my "walk-away" line, and though I'm trying to be a loyal GM employee (and support my own retirement, etc..) I will walk away if I have to. Dodge is offering better deals right now; 0% instead of 4.9%, etc.. There has been some talk of making the parking lots at work GM only, but I'll walk a block or two if I have to I guess...

I tried hunting down some used ones, but at the amount I'm looking at, I'd be buying something 6 or 7 years old for almost the same investment; I'm trying to get out of working on things, not bring someone else's headache home!

Hopefully Saturday I'll have something good to post!



puhpaul said...

I hope you find something that is good and affordable. I traded in my Dodge Dakota a few years ago. It was a major gas hog, costing around $40.00 for a 200 mile trip to see my sister. I bought a little Dodge Neon to replace it. It gets great gas mileage, but it just isn't a truck. I've got a year and a half left to pay on it, but when I've paid it off I'm going to work on getting a GMC Canyon. The 5 cylinder engine is supposedly powerful and fuel efficient. I really want a truck.

Post pictures if you find something. paul

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

"Squark" is usually the sound that make me worry the most.

It is so hard to find a good set of wheels. I can so relate to your story. I have an old Jeep and it's on it's "last axle" as I say. Been making the metal on metal "squarking" sound more often and now has a shimmy that would put a flapper to shame. I hope the car can make it through the winter.

Good luck in your search!

Jon-Marc said...

I had a truck in high school and it had more problems than I care to remember. And I had to fix all of the problems myself.

Now we have a car but thank goodness it does not have any problems (yet)!

Hope you are well,


Hawaiianmark said...

Prayers Out!


kath said...

i have nothing to say at all about the car.. lol

i do hope that things are sorted and welll and fixed, and happy.

i do not like my car. it has done nothing to me, it is just not me. i am not a person who buys a car because the have fallen in lovewith it.. normally i go for a car just because it is small and white..
i had two small white caveliers, and loved them both..

now i have this brown monster..

i don't like him, even tho hae has done nothing to me. i think its the him part.
myother cars were girl cars for sure..
this is not..

i try not to let him know...