Thursday, September 28, 2006

Three 10's...

and I feel I'm becoming very dull!

Volunteering for overtime beyond our normal 9 hour days...nothing like "hard labor" but I got home this morning a bit after 3:30, and I had left for work at 4. Feeling a bit braindead at the moment, lol!

My wife wasn't selected for jury duty, so Monday when she came home we went and tagged the truck. Looking through the papers I realized the sales tax was as much as Dad paid for his new Ford in '53!

Tuesday I cleaned it up and got part of it waxed, I ran out of time and had to get ready for work. Yesterday I cleared gutters and mowed ahead of the rain that moved through last night.

Today I need to pull the battery and some other parts from my Chrysler before it goes to the crusher. Dottie's off tomorrow because she works this weekend; beyond that I have no idea what's going on, other than one of these days I'm going to get 8 hours sleep again!

This world we live in seems bent on it's own destruction in some form or another; no matter where you look you can find signs of it. There are times I feel guilty that I'm not screaming from a soapbox somewhere trying to point out the lunacy of it all, yet we all have to survive one day to the next as well. Signing petitions, writing letters, writing Congressmen, voting, contributing...sometimes it just doesn't seem like enough!



Sublime said...

Hi Alan,

Stopping by to say hello... I've been so out of touch with everyone lately that I feel almost guilty about THAT, let alone the state of the world. There's never enough time or energy for everything and sometimes I just have to try and find a little peace in the small stuff. I know it sounds corny, but I feel it's true. The world has always been crazy and it most likely will continue that way...with or without my efforts. Glad to hear you are hanging in there, get some sleep!

Take care,

ConnieJane said...



Sometimes you just need to take care of you. xo

Mystical Me said...

Your never boring sweetheart. Now I think I m the one leading the boring life these days. LOL!!

How have you been? I do hope all is well with you. Love always, MM XOXO BTW, Ive missed you!!

Puffer said...

Hey Alan,
I have the flu
just wanted to check
in and say hello