Friday, January 23, 2009

4 days that shook D.C.!

So far I'm very pleased with the results of each of them!

The lobbyists have had a "warning shot fired across their bow"!

The doors to the Treasury are at least being watched now!

The Constitution is in the process of being restored along with the rights that have been trampled these last 8 years!

Sunshine has not only been allowed back into the bowels of the government (FOIA restored), but much is coming to light about our exchanges all having been recorded and archived!

The Fund-ublican-t claws in health care were just blunted a bit!

Not bad for 3 and half days!


Caleb (the littlest grandson) is here for the weekend...he's happily waching "Boomer" cartoons right now and petting Angel. I spent 3 hours trying to brush her out yesterday while it was warm; got two grocery sacks worth of fur off her, and still haven't gotten her hindquarters brushed all the way out yet, though she and my back had both had enough by the time I stopped, lol!

I hope each of you is warm this weekend...the end of the month seems to be further and further away at the end of the money! May the weekend be kind to each of you!



Anonymous said...

Al, in all the years I looked into Politics and corruption and greed as a citizen and Press card holder the whole business of how the man behind the Curtain works has always had one constant, nothing ever really changes, not when it comes to Money and Power.

Even if it does, all things revert to what they was before one way or another. There is no better illusionist or slight of hand act like politics.

That will never change until John and Jane Doe burn thier TV's, interact as a proper community again, ignore all things told to them by the Media and start to wake up out of their slumber. Humanity needs to go backwards somewhat in order to go forwards properly and finally.

Problem is Al that their bed (in the head) has been made to feel so very comfy, will they ever want to leave it?

Calamity Jen said...

I welcome this new era in American politics.

What breed is Angel that you got two grocery bags full of fur from her?? I thought my dogs were bad!

Carolyn Ann said...

I think it is a new era of politics. It certainly is starting out that way!

I'm looking forward to the next four years: they should be quite fascinating.

Carolyn Ann

HAR said...

Very hopeful.

zilla said...

Could we have your two grocery sacks of Angel hair? I figure, since I taught myself to knit, I should be able to teach myself to spin, and if I could spin Angel hair into yarn, I could knit my Zenzi a more weather-appropriate coat!

I am pleased as well with the first week of this administration. My jadedness got on that helicopter with Mr and Mrs Bush, and my mean spirit accompanied them all on their trip home. Good riddance to the four of them.

I have even removed the sign over my toilet that said, "Flush twice, it's a long way to Texas." Not kidding, I feel THAT good about things! I just hope Beanpole remembers to flush at all, without that sign there :-)

robin andrea said...

I am also pleased with Obama's first few days on the job. He's hands-on and engaged, bright and energetic. I like his objectives and feel he may have a shot at accomplishing some of our goals.

von Krankipantzen said...

I am so excited for you guys. I can't wait to see the US get its mojo back.

Do you use a Furminator?

Ange said...

Ian makes some good points up there. I think I'd probably end up sitting by him at the party.

I'm very happy with how the new Presidency has started off. Not sure my mind has completely made the flip over, like how I'm still writing 2008 on checks.

None of this could have happened without the help of courageous people like you and the rest of your folks above, though. That deserves to be celebrated.

Connie in FL said...

For the first time in over 8 years, I again have hope for America.

ryssee said...

Love how it's started off. I have to keep my belief that he'll be a great president, because he has succeeded in everything he's put his mind to. We've got an interesting time ahead of us, watching and hoping that we get back on track soon. But even aside from the economy, I feel like we already are.

westtredneck said...

very nice, insightful and inspiring.