Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"But they're on sale"...

I've fallen prey to that so many times through the years! Usually my wife is the one trying to talk me out of it, or remind me that I'll find a better deal later, or there is some hidden cost I'm not figuring in.

This time it went the other way!


When we kept Talia the other weekend, the size T-shirts I had bought for Dillon the first time were also too small for her once they were washed, so we went to get the same size we ended up with for him. While there she saw a set of pink and white snow boots on a sale table...winter closeout, half off.

Of course Grandma said yes...then searched the rest of the table to find a pair for the two grandsons. Luckily she found some Spiderman ones for Caleb. $15 a pair for both sets.

My wife is one who always tries to even everything...her Christmas lists go back and forth between the number of items and the dollars spent until the grandkids are "even"...she used to do it with our boys as well. There are times I've truly despaired as the registers kept ringing in the name of "even"!

For the last two weeks she has checked every shoe department in every store she's passed to try and find snow boots for the older grandson. He is a "youth 6" meaning that next is men's 7's, probably sooner than later given his growth rate. No "felt pacs" to be found...not even 6's in most stores. Clerks keep suggesting a women's 7...the boy won't even watch Disney movies anymore because someone at school has him convinced they are "girl" movies!

Monday night she was out 'til 9 after she got off work! Dinner is hard to plan sometimes...

So finally last night we went to Cabela's. No felt pacs of course, I couldn't be so lucky! A set of Winchester 400 gram Thinsulate boots for $54, or a set of Cabela's labeled 800 gram ones for $66.

The Cabela boots won out because they are about 3/4 of an inch longer though they are the same size; we're hoping he can wear them next year as well, then someone will put them away for Caleb in a few years...

I came home and put the requisite 3 coats of sealer on them like I used to the boys boots 20 years ago and we'll take them to Dillon when Dottie gets home from work tonight.

When I go back to work I wonder how much of it will be to pay off "even"!

Of course, I guess better that than paying for Citigroup's corporate jet!

Not that I ever planned on "sitting" for the next 30 years, but there is a difference between wanting and having to!

Off to fix some breakfast and then take her Malibu to the dealer to see about a drip in a transmission cooler line!

May the rest of the week be kind to you all!



Ange said...

Great affection for Dottie after this post.
My grandmother was the ambassador of 'even'. She'd even go so far as to purchase a smaller gift for the kids who weren't having a birthday, so that they had a little something to look forward to while the birthday kid tore through the spoils. Cut down on so many jealous feelings, which made the day better all around, I'm convinced, though some (my parents) might argue that children need to learn how to be happy for others...p'shaw!
She was fabulous the way she considered all of our feelings, and that's the example I learned from.

Wish you and Dottie could dig up some bargains for poor Pickles, now. We're snowed in, and her boots are way too small (unless she doesn't wear socks), with Jack's hand-me-down snowpants possibly sent off to Goodwill before the holidays. Jack's been outside for over an hour so far, but Pick's missing out.
We're gonna have to dig out the driveway so we can get to a store with snow clothes (and ballet costume, as she's starting her first class tomorrow) and just hope someone's there and there isn't a mob of parents in a similar fix.

Your grandkids will always remember.
I know.

You're going back to work??

What do you put on the boots?

I hope the Malibu's not expensive and the rest of the week is especially kind to you good folks.

Thanks for stopping in this morning. :)

(Oh, dear. Tom's tearing the stove apart and using bad words. Gotta go pacify.)

beckyboop said...

Wow, those boots were expensive! I think it is wonderful to be fair. Life isn't always fair, but at least you can count on it with Grandma and Grandpa!

I wanna know what sealer you use as well.

Have a good one Alan!

ryssee said...

I love this story-my mom is the master of "even!"

von Krankipantzen said...

My mom is a huge "even' thinker and I've come to realize it has been passed to me as well. It makes Christmas totally exhausting.

zilla said...

I want moon boots, like Napoleon Dynamite's. Doesn't everybody want those?


CrackerLilo said...

My mother always wanted things to be "even" for us, too, so I smiled at this one!

I always have to remember my great-grandmother's dictum: "It's not a bargain unless you would have paid full price." I find sales so seductive!

Can't wait to read about your adventures as you return to work.

HAR said...

I do the same thing , as my mother did, my grandmothers and so on.

Your grandchildren appreciate it, trust me! If they don't now, they will reflect when they are older, as I still do.