Thursday, January 29, 2009

The old ways...

Ange and Becky asked what I was using to treat Dillon's new boots...

Up until now I had always used "mink oil" and still have a bit of it around, but I found out the other night that a lot of what gets sold now has synthetic things in it. Silicone, while waterproofing things for the short term, tends to do funny things to stitching, some sole material and also isn't really good for leather over the long haul.

So the lady at Cabela's encouraged me to try the beeswax treatment stuff her husband uses on his, working construction here year round. Invented by a forestry firefighter, it went on very easily and putting 3 coats on took about an hour. It did darken the leather of course, mink oil would have as well. It didn't seem to draw the cat and dog like mink oil did...

(A link for their webpage.)

The boots my son's wore when they got to the ages where they wore "real ones" went to my nephews and survived them and probably were given to other kids in the Scout troops they were involved with. Dottie has a set over 20 years old now, still going strong.

For myself, I bought an $18 pair of Wal-Mart felt-pacs (rubber boots with 3/8" felt liners) over 20 years ago and other than a small hole or two in the rubber (duct taped, of course) they are still going strong. When I replaced the liners after about 15 years I cut the bottom out of the old set and put it in the bottom of the boots with the new liners on top...a boon to my old feet!

I did buy another pair of slip on felt-pacs for myself last year, as I try to keep a set in the truck in the winter and was tired of going out to get them when I needed to shovel snow or something.

Someday maybe I'll buy myself a "good" set, lol!

May the rest of the week be kind to each of you!



beckyboop said...

Hi Alan,

I'll have to head out to Cabella's to some. I need to do my leathers.

You sound like me with the old boots. I swear I get emotionally attached to clothes, boots, shoes.
Duct tape fixes all!

LucyTolliday said...

I guess its hurray for duct tape. My shoes never last that long.

Sassy said...

I'm gonna buy me some boots.

Hope next week is kind to you!

zilla said...

It's made in IDAHO!!!

Hi, Alan.

TGIF, and happy weekend!

Green tea said...

It is time to be kind to yourself Alan :D

CrackerLilo said...

Amazing where we end up spending and where we end up being frugal, isn't it? I didn't know mink oil was really full of synthetics.

As for duct tape, my ex-boyfriend once repaired a purple velvet armchair that he really liked with it. I decided to go over it with markers until I could learn how to really patch it--that was my first refurbishing project! (Then people doubt my redneck woman credentials!)

May the weekend be kind to you!

Jenny Harvey said...

My boots last about as long as a Britney Spear's marriage. It's those damn heel tips

chosha said...

Dubbin, Dubbin, Dubbin! ( It's sooooo good to your leather. I've used it on all my leather shoes forever (especially my treasured Doc Martens) and it makes them not just waterproof but so lovely.

Glad you found something you liked anyway, but next time... :)